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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How far in advance should I book for my wedding and trial?

You should book your wedding the absolute soonest you can, in order to secure the date. Jessica will give you more information on when is the best time to schedule your trial run.

2. Who should participate in my wedding trial?

Anyone who wants a trial can have one!

3. What should I do to my hair before my hair service?

Wash your hair the day before (this is best) or the morning of. Use minimal conditioner. Go to Jessica with your hair 100% dry. Try to let your hair air dry if possible.

4. How should I prepare my skin for my makeup application?

Make sure all makeup is removed. Wash your face that morning as usual, and apply your moisturizer if you usually do. Make sure you apply a moisturizer without SPF! That's it, do not put any makeup on your face at all and make sure all previous makeup is removed.

5. What forms of payment do you accept?

Cash, check, and credibt/ debit cards.

6. Can I last minute add a service?

You are more than welcome to add a service only if Jessica or her artists have the extra time, and based on artist availability.

7. Is there a maximum number I am allowed in a party?

Jessica does have a limit to how many hair/ makeup applications she can perform solely herself. If you have a large party Jessica will bring artists to accomodate your entire party.

10. How far will you travel or on-site services?

Jessica will travel throughout New York as well as the surrounding states. Contact for a travel fee.

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